Variable Refrigerant Volume

Ewing|Kessler specializes in variable refrigerant Volume (VRV) air conditioning and heating systems. Our team of engineering representatives and technicians are equipped to help you realize the benefits of installing a VRV system on your next project. We partner with Daikin, the inventor and market leader of VRV.
  • Smaller capacity allows precise temperature control over every square inch of space.
  • Space-saving design and flexible indoor unit options offer quick and easy installation.
  • Superior efficiency results in lower energy costs especially under partial load conditions.
  • Silent operation ensures comfortable fit in any room.
  • Self-diagnostics and one of the best warranties in the industry.
We know where it can be applied for greatest flexibility. We know how it can reduce your operating expenses. Best of all, we know your market. VRV technology can make your life simple from more efficient buildings to consistently satisfied customers and tenants to reduced maintenance expense.

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